Carrier HUMCRSTM Humidifier.


Enjoy the air you breathe. A properly humidified home can help you breathe more comfortably with less dryness, save on energy costs, reduce static electricity, and even help protect your wood furniture.

If you have a larger home or want to ensure consistent levels of humidity for the comfort of your family and the care of your furnishings, this steam humidifier may be your best choice. It generates steam by energizing two electrodes. Current flowing between the electrodes causes water to turn to steam, which is delivered into the duct by a patented dispersion tube.

Why This Humidifier Is Right for You

  • Comfort Features: Adding moisture to your indoor air increases the humidity and can allow you to feel more comfortable while potentially reducing your temperature settings and saving on your heating costs.
  • Water Vapor Output: Can produce up to 34 gallons of water vapor per day.