Carrier GZ Geothermal Heat Pump.


If you prefer higher heating temperatures from your registers in winter or just want to continue using an existing furnace, this indoor unit may be what you need. The Infinity® GZ geothermal split system heat pump combines superior performance with the smart, powerful and intuitive Infinity Touch control. This system utilizes your new or existing furnace or fan coil’s blower motor to move air and offers the efficiency and comfort benefits of a two-stage compressor, all tied together with the versatile programming, energy tracking and available wireless/remote operation of Infinity System Control.

Why This Geothermal Heat Pump Is Right for You

  • Energy Savings: ENERGY STAR® certified. Up to 26.4 EER for premium cooling energy savings and up to 4.8 COP premium heating energy savings.
  • Comfort Features: Premium comfort features for more precise temperature control and fewer temperature swings.
  • Humidity Control: Install with furnace or fan coil with a variable-speed blower motor for excellent humidity control. This combination can operate at lower speeds for longer times extracting more humidity from your indoor air.
  • Sound Performance: Varies based on the furnace/fan coil that is installed but this outdoor unit features sound reducing technologies for quiet operation.
  • Size: Available in various sizes that can accommodate most homes. Your Carrier expert will recommend the appropriate model to fit your needs.