Carrier F54 115V Fan Coil.


The Comfort™ F54 115V fan coil utilizes a high-efficiency, multi-speed blower motor to provide comfort while not compromising on energy efficiency. When paired with a two-stage heat pump and a compatible thermostat it can provide enhanced comfort and help you save on your heating and cooling bills.

Why This Fan Coil Is Right for You

  • Energy Savings: Enhanced energy savings. Can help maximize energy savings when paired with compatible unit.
  • Comfort Features: Capable of dehumidification and two-stage operation for enhanced comfort and temperature control when paired with a compatible thermostat and outdoor unit.
  • Air Quality Features: Compatible with standard size air filter. Multi-speed fan coil providing enhanced control of the airflow passing through your air filter.
  • Reliability: ArmorTech™ Coil Protection for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Size: Available in various sizes that can accommodate most homes. Your Carrier expert will recommend the appropriate model to fit your needs.