Carrier 38MGHB Multi-Zone High-Heat Heat Pump with Basepan Heater.


If you happen to live in a home without ductwork or have a converted area for a living/working space, you’ll appreciate this multi-zone heat pump. The 38MGHB system can provide year-round comfort, cooling for those hot summer days and warmth the rest of the year, even when temperature dips down to 5° F at 98% heating capacity (with the right size and system combination).

As a multi-zone, you can use up to five multiple style indoor units supported by just this one efficient, outdoor Inverter compressor unit. For quiet comfort in a multi-space application, it can’t be beat.

Why This Ductless System Is Right for You

  • Energy Savings: Select Sizes ENERGY STAR® certified. Up to 26 SEER2 for premium cooling energy savings & 10.3 HSPF2 for enhanced heating energy savings.
  • Comfort Features: Premium comfort features for more precise temperature control and fewer temperature swings.
  • Minimal Installation: Because there are no ducts, installation is a breeze—no tearing open walls, patching, or repainting required!
  • Zones: Multi-zone ductless system.