Duct Services in the San Fernando Valley

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

In most houses and businesses, the air ducts are hidden away from sight, such as in the walls or up in the attic. Unfortunately, this often means out of sight, out of mind. However, the air ducts are a key component of your HVAC system and can affect both its operation and your indoor air quality. If you are suffering from poor heating or AC operation or your indoor air has become contaminated, it may be time to schedule air duct cleaning. At Air Products and Services, our experienced team can help you repair, clean, or maintain your ducts.

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Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Services

Our duct cleaning technicians are highly trained and certified to inspect and clean out your ducts, giving them a new lease on life. If you have noticed issues with your ducts, you can rely on us to determine whether cleaning is an appropriate solution. There may be a more serious problem, such as tears or breaks in your ducts that need to be repaired.

If a cleaning is in order, we can help you breathe easier by removing dust, mold, bacteria, pollen, insect or rodent feces, and other allergens from the air.

Providing Duct Assistance in Van Nuys & Across the San Fernando Valley

If you have noticed a lack of airflow in your home, stuffiness in certain rooms, or an increase in your energy bills, these are signs that there could be damage to your air ducts. When your ducts are not performing as effectively as they should, our San Fernando Valley air duct technicians can assist you with repairs.

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Providing Comfort,

One Customer at a Time.

When customers enlist our NATE Certified technicians to fix a broken heater, bring a faulty AC back to life, or improve the air quality, we cater to their every need from the time we leave our office to the second we exit their homes or businesses. We’re always there on time, in time when they need us.
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