Furnace / Heater Repair and Service

Fast, Friendly and Expert Heater/Furnace Repairs and Service

Serving Southern California Since 1979

Fast, Friendly and Expert Heater/Furnace Repairs and Service

Serving Southern California Since 1979

Is your home furnace / heater having problems?

Some of most common furnace problems are:
  • Air filters that are clogged up or very dirty can restrict airflow and poor heating.
  • Bad fan motors can cause the furnace to fail and not heat your home.
  • Your heater’s electrical components can fail and cause no heat or failure to start.  Safety switches can be tripped due to a dangerous condition such as an flame roll-out, where the flame rolls out of the furnace because it’s starving for air.  This can cause a fire.
  • Furnace Pilot or ignition issues can prevent the heater from starting properly.
  • Restricted flue venting can cause numerous issues including health and safety problems.
  • Unexpected breakdowns can be caused by inconsistent or lack of maintenance.

If you think your furnace is unsafe to operate, discontinue use and call us right away for our advice.    (818) 989-2030

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